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The Greatest Revolutionary War Battles: The Siege of Yorktown

*Includes historic art depicting the siege of Yorktown and important people and events.
*Includes the final surrender document.
*Includes an account of the siege by American soldier Ebenezer Deezy
*Includes a Bibliography for further reading.
*Includes a Table of Contents.

Yorktown was a former tobacco trading post now in decline, not much bigger than a large village. But Yorktown was tucked away on the northern edge of the York peninsula in rural Virginia, and in 1781 it became the site of a brief siege between two small armies, fought with all the decorum and formality of 18th century European warfare. About 5,000 British and Germans faced perhaps 18,000 Americans and French. After only three weeks the smaller garrison surrendered, tired and low on ammunition. Casualties for both sides totaled less than 1,000 dead and wounded.
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